5 Elements of Success: Coffee with Julia

To be successful in life, not only does it require taking care of business, but it also requires you to take care of your spiritual and mental health. Learn how you can use the following five elements of success to help you achieve your goals.
Julia Ruiz
April 12, 2022
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When you are a child, you have dreams, goals and desires to reach the moon, the sun and the skies. Perhaps over time, those dreams have been lost amidst the wind. Perhaps society or people around you told you that your dreams were impossible or that you would never be successful in life. The truth is, we can all be successful if we truly want to be. Here are 5  elements that will help you achieve your goals. 

1. Forgiveness

If there was someone in your life who hurt you, forgive them, and leave that chapter behind. When we forgive, we no longer have to carry bitterness and anger in our hearts. Forgiving others enables us to heal our wounds and renew our strength. Even more important, is the ability to forgive yourself. Forgiving yourself liberates you of stress, sadness, and anger. Forgiving yourself gives you the capacity of believing in yourself again and gives you the strength to move forward without holding resentment

2. Gratitude

Look around you, look at your eyes, your hands, your family, your house. All of these things may seem minimal but these are things to be grateful for. Your life is full of blessings if you begin to count them and realize how blessed you truly are. Make a habit of expressing gratitude at all times and for all things. The more you practice gratitude, the more you realize how wealthy your life is and you begin to attract more of the positive things in your life. 

3. Respect

Respecting yourself is to love and take care of yourself in all aspects of life. Love and care for your body means feeding it with foods that fill you with energy, that strengthen your immune system and that will give you a long life.  Exercise so that your mind is clear, this will also reduce anxiety and stress. Look out for the information you give your eyes, ears, and lips. What you watch, speak and hear is first formed in your mind, then goes to the heart and what’s in your heart,  takes over your life. Respect others and do not judge them, everyone has their own life and decisions to make.  If someone asks for your help, help them but make sure you are doing it because you find joy in it, this way,  you won’t regret it later. 

4. Failure

If a business idea or a job failed, do not be ashamed. Instead, observe, appreciate and learn from this situation. Every failure shows us how to best prepare for the future. If you have a dream or idea, try it. If it fails, be happy you had the courage to try it out, and do not be ashamed. Those who fail, learn twice as much as those who never try.  

5. Love

Loving yourself is forgiving yourself, healing from your wounds, being grateful for your life, respecting yourself and learning from your failures in order to be better and improve. To love yourself is to liberate yourself from everything holding you back from being happy. Loving yourself is setting healthy boundaries, and being able to say no. When you love yourself, you unlock confidence, strength, and perseverance to accomplish your goals and dreams. The more you love yourself, the more you will see opportunities come your way. 

Now you have 5 Elements of Success:  take them with you each morning and write a new page on the book of your life. Sometimes life crashes over us like an ocean wave crashes a sandcastle. The marvelous thing about this is that a castle can always be reconstructed.  Take your grain of sand and renew your strength. Remember, your eyes are the light of a new world. In each hand you hold ideas and businesses never before created. The hero you looked for when you were a child, that hero is not someone to be found, that hero is yourself. Be the hero of your own story, be brave, forgive, be grateful, respect everyone, love yourself and go out to accomplish your dreams. Perhaps in the timeline of the universe, our presence is only an instant, but in this instant, our presence can create an entire universe.

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